Christmas has come and gone as we roll into 2018! This was probably the first year of my career when I took an actual vacation. You should have seen how clueless I was when requesting time off.

I was supposed to write daily blogs while on vacation but there was just no reception in the mountains. The internet felt like that moment when you're over minutes and the provider slows your speed down to TURTLE. I’m currently there now. It’s so awesome!

My first day off began with the insanely stupid, Cinnamon Challenge.

This was supposed to be part of a 103.5 Kissfm commercial but got squashed immediately after the corporate offices found out. The no fun alarm sounded, and we were told NO!. That was followed by me catching the flu, vomiting in between video takes for another commercial and my total distaste for Cinnamon. I spent the rest of the day vomiting while trying to finish up Christmas shopping and cursing Lucky The Dj for giving me the worst Cinnamon aftertaste ever.

That said, time off was great, and I'm ready to get back to Kiss studios off Parkcenter Blvd. We begin our massive search for a morning show co-host (more on that later), a major concert announcement and the bachelor is back!

Happy New Year with some of my favorite pics over the holiday.


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