Two years ago, I went to my first Paint Nite and got hooked! With so many of my paintings in our apartment, we're running out of wall space for them all.  Sounds like the perfect reason to try the Treasure Valley's newest girls night out!

Sometime late last year I saw a Twitter account called "@PlantNite" under the list of suggestions for who I should follow and I thought to myself "wow, that logo looks really similar to Paint Nite's." Turns out that's because Plant Nite is Paint Nite's little sister!

Like Paint Nite, Plant Nite takes over a local bar or restaurant like BoDovino or Chili's but instead of painting while you enjoy your cocktails, you're creating a LIVING piece of art! Plant Nite gives you all the materials you need to make your own tabletop terrarium including a wooden, glass, plastic, metal or ceramic container, succulents, sand and other accents like mini dinosaurs, gnomes and more!  An instructor walks your through the process of constructing your masterpiece, but half the fun is mixing it up (or messing it up) to a super unique piece!

The remaining February Treasure Valley Plant Nite is sold out, but there's a ton coming up in March! Check out the list below and click the title to see what your creation could look like! Personally, I'm dying to make the Succulent Garden in Chalkboard Planter!


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