We won't go as far as saying "Dumpster Fire" for Boise State football but its fair to say that they're navigating some "turmoil". Another loss this weekend and we can explore some more colorful adjectives for the program.

The game this week involves the University of Wyoming--but for Boise State, the greatest foe may always be San Diego State. For the past several years, it has been the San Diego State Aztecs that have given the Broncos the most amount of troubles and even when the Broncos are good--the game against San Diego State is never a breeze. The rivalry runs deeper-- because of their market size, television reach, and high school enrollment numbers, they're often chosen over Boise State no matter the record or reputation.

Right now, major conferences across athletics are going through big shifts and many Boise State fans have been demanding consideration for membership to the likes of the Big 12 and the Pac 12. This, of course, before Boise State was losing football games.

No matter the storied history of Boise State--the experts consistently say San Diego State is the first choice from the Mountain West Conference.

This season, Boise State defeated San Diego State on the road--and that's great. But let's take the sports rivalry out of it--a recent announcement has once again proven that San Diego State has a leg up on Boise State.

Why? Because of Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio.

Ocasio, better known as Bad Bunny, is by far one of the largest musical and entertainment acts in the world right now. In fact, if you were to measure steaming consumption, sales, and tour sales--we highly doubt anyone in the United States is even coming close. We even did some digging among local statistics here in Boise and yes-- Bad Bunny IS the top artist in Boise according to streaming website stats and YouTube charts.

No, Bad Bunny isn't going to be crashing the campus of San Diego State University OR the blue turf, but the university has seen the signs of the times and will be using him to help students learn.

An entire course--for college credit--is being made available to students of San Diego State University based on Bad Bunny and his impact on Latino culture and media. Everything from advocacy, politics, and pop culture are tied to the artist these days and San Diego State University wants to meet their graduate students where they are.

Maybe they can get him to be a guest speaker?

You can learn more about the course being taught on Bad Bunny, HERE.

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