I never thought I'd see it happen and never really thought of this idea but it did. True love was discovered at Pumpkin Smash and we have the proof.

A Hedrick is about to become a Henderson after the ring was exchanged and the proposal was announced. Yes, we saw one of our loyal listeners propose to his girlfriend and she had an answer. YES!

Some people might think these are just contests and not a big deal. I've been doing this for a long time in Boise and these events are never just nothing. Listeners plan their lives around some of these events and Pumpkin Smash is no different. The evidence took everyone off guard and nobody had heads up. This guy completely surprised her and everyone at Pumpkin Smash from the Farmstead Cornmaze.

Maybe you're wondering why someone would propose at Pumpkin Smash? Because Erin loves playing our contests and this was her fourth consecutive appearance. Her amazing fiancè made this decision last year during Pumpkin Smash. Check out their costumes from last year.

Pumpkin Smash 2017_65

The reason why he did this at Pumpkin Smash is that she absolutely loves this event. Why not hide a diamond ring in a pumpkin and let her smash it open. This was actually brilliant! A super nice couple and amazing listeners. Check out their proposal video below.

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