A roadblock here, and roadblock there--spend any time driving around Boise's beloved downtown right now and you will quickly notice that there aren't many ways to get to where you're needing to go and just about every car on the road is in the same pickle.

Imagine driving a car through a corn maze. That's how it's beginning to feel.

We posed the question on our Facebook page to ask: is it just us or are these road closures really getting out of hand?

Here's a look at what people are saying, what the roads looks like, and just how significant the closures are!

Boise Reacts: This Downtown Construction Just Isn't The Move

Can we not do all of this digging at once? Check out the comments and then see an official grid of ALL road closures.

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Have you driven in downtown Boise during all of this? 

As it turns out--we aren't alone. People that need to navigate downtown Boise in these closure-laden conditions are all feeling frustrated. Have you ever tried to parallel park--or leave a parallel parking spot, amid a gridlock? No fun.

Not only are drivers finding the series of closures to be a real 'pain' from behind the wheel--but local businesses are feeling the pain as well.

Folks not wanting to deal with stop and go gridlocks and poor parking aren't making their way downtown to support local business--it's a deterrent. Some businesses have it worse than others, as the streets right in front of them are totally dug up!

According to the Ada County Highway District--these closures are for good reason: upgrading infrastructure. As Boise grows, so too should our roads, stoplights and technologies. We're just going to have to deal with it...

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