Say WHAT!? These floating power poles here in Boise look like something out of Harry Potter, although--it isn't nearly as fun or magical. Light the candles and fire up the generators, Boise-- because this is bad news for our electricity.

As it turned out, power for about 660 was out for a large chunk of the day, much less than the original 2,500 who were experiencing power outages initially.

As you can see from the information shared via the Boise Police Department, roads spent (and continue to spend) plenty of time totally closed down. 


Boise Police Arrest 11 in Secret Operation

Here in the Treasure Valley, we aren't used to seeing large groups of arrests or frankly, any serious crimes. On Tuesday, September 21st, however, the Boise Police Department hauled in 11 arrests in one successful "sting" operation.

Idaho State Police Save Horned Owl

Idaho State Police saved an adorable owl on I-84 in Nampa just a few weeks ago!


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