I remember back in June when the news broke about COVID cases being traced back to a few downtown Boise bars, A few weeks later clubs and bars were shut down. I'm pretty sure Mateo and I used the 2 weekends when the bars were open temporarily to partake in enough shenanigans for a year. Now here we are in mid September and as they say the inmates are getting restless, well the floodgates are opening up this weekend as many bars and clubs are opening for business. The difference is that this time around bars will open under a much more strict set of guidelines. Bars will now operate and be set up like restaurants which means:

  • Patrons will have to sit at tables spaced at least six feet apart.
  • When people are not seated with their groups they will be expected to wear a mask.
  • Dance floors will not be open.
  • Security will enforce CDH guidelines and will kick out customers not following them.

According to ktvb and as of Friday afternoon the following bars are approved to open for business.

Terry's Saloon

44 Club

9th Street Nook

Bottle Cap Bar

Eastside Tavern

Lydia's Mardi Gras



Revolution Concert House & Event Center

Symposium Lounge

The Construction Zone

The Longhorn Lounge

The Silly Birch

The Torch

The Torch 2

Tom Grainey's

Needless to say this will be an interesting weekend downtown because there have already been some clubs open under the pretense that they're offering food much like a restaurant. Whether you choose to go to a restaurant or a bar this weekend please be mindful of your neighbors and wear a mask.


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