I had been on the air here at 103.5 KISS FM for the majority of my show, the day was winding down, and I was excited to get back into my office and finish up some work I had been sitting on all afternoon. Little did I know that my entire afternoon would be taken for a spin. That noise that I originally thought was just some of the guys in the office trying to scare me ended up being our office building ACTUALLY shaking-- it was an earthquake!

Friends and family started texting me right away, so I knew that I wasn't crazy. I along with many of you who called into the show had never experienced one before-- given nobody was hurt, I actually think it was a pretty cool experience!

Of course, after any earthquake, aftershocks are possible.  In fact, there's even something called a "preshock" which could have been that 6.5 we felt yesterday, had something larger followed it. The United States Geological Survey is now saying-- be ready for more earthquakes.

You can read more of their evaluation of yesterday's quake, HERE. However, the experts are saying that over the next week, there's a less than 1% chance of anything larger than a 6.5 earthquake to happen.

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