Oh California, how we love you--kind of? There's really nothing wrong with California. Home to amazing beaches, sunsets, and vacation towns like Palm Springs or San Diego--how could you go wrong?

Here in Idaho, however, just the word California will cause panic. Whether it's over politics, real estate, or the influx of Californians coming to Idaho, its a hot button issue around here.

The secret is out about Idaho and frankly, the secret that Californians love Idaho is out too. One popular company, Southwest Airlines, has decided to tap into the Idaho-California connection by holding an 'I Love California' Sale for the Boise Airport.

You won't believe how cheap you can fly to California for right now--or how cheap California can fly to Boise! 

These 'I Love California' Flight Deals Are Crazy Cheap

Will you be traveling to California?

Could flights this cheap mean more Californians are headed up to Boise to check the place out? 

Do any of those towns and destinations look exciting to you? There are some great options on that list if you're looking to get some sun, a little time away, or catch a concert or major sporting event! Hate on California all you want, there are some solid options there!

With the cold temperatures going nowhere here in the Treasure Valley, everyone is feeling a little wintertime blues--and that sunshine is deceiving! You expect a spring day and end up needing to wear seven different layers!

Happy traveling, Boise--and enjoy California!

To find these flight deals, click HERE.

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