Three senators have now said that airlines could be holding onto over $10 billion of consumer money instead of issuing cash refunds to passengers of canceled flights.

Senators Ed Markey, Elizabeth Warren and Richard Blumenthal said in a statement that federal law says that passengers should get cash refunds, "however, many airlines have been obfuscating this right by offering travel vouchers as the default option, requiring passengers to take burdensome steps to request refunds instead."

Allegiant and Spirit are among the airlines offering cash refunds to people who voluntarily cancel their own tickets. In many cases, passengers who don't specifically ask for a refund are given a voucher of varying time lengths.

I've personally had to cancel four flights during quarantine. Half I was given my points back that I'd purchased them with, and the other half I was given a voucher, rather than an actual refund back onto my credit card.

“The airline industry received its $50 billion taxpayer bailout, so the least it can do is offer full refunds—without forcing customers to jump through hoops. All passengers deserve a full cash refund during this unprecedented time,” Consumer Reports aviation adviser William McGee said. 

I agree! You can't take this huge bailout, and hold onto travelers money at the same time!

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