Who would have thought THIS would ever be a headline. Alcoholic drinks at Taco Bell!?

It's true, it's happening and Taco Bell is designing more than 300 new locations that will fit this model.  Drinks slated to be offered will include beer, wine, sangria, and various "twisted freeze" type drinks.  I'm a little confused however, because I feel like this list is missing tequila! Hopefully they think this through before leaving off the best paired drink with tacos off of the menu.

With an addition (of alcohol) comes a subtraction and this one might shock you. These new locations will NOT include a drive through. Taco Bell hasn't released the reasoning behind ridding of the drive through however I can't help but question its success.  I feel like every time I pass a Taco Bell, their drive-thru line is backed up!

Unfortunately for us here in Boise, we aren't slated to get one of the new versions of Taco Bell, at least for now. Would you want one to come to town?

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