Well well. We find ourselves here again.

A social media feed full of terrible, stale, and unoriginal jokes about Taylor Swift's dating life.

If you're catching up, let's backtrack a tad.

As of late, the rumor is that Taylor Swift has been seeing NFL star Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs. Taylor has been known to date famous people, so no big deal. However, the heat got turned up way past a simmer last weekend when Taylor was spotted hanging out with Kelce's mom at the Chief's game.

Good for Taylor. I'm a fan, and all of us here are fans. If she's happy, we're happy. You won't find us making any stupid jokes at her expense.

However, that's not to say you'll be able to avoid them online. You absolutely will not. So prepare yourself for such god awful punchlines like:

  • How long until she writes a song about him?
  • Lol Travis is her next single!
  • Taylor Swift? Who cares? Never heard of him.

The fact that someone's thought process could lead them to one of those punchlines. Are they funny? Creative? Giggle-inducing? We don't really think so.

Look, we're all about a good jab or joke as long as it doesn't directly hurt someone. But these Taylor jokes are just so boring.

Got a better one? Let's link up and see what you got!


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We love this man.

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