This isn't far from my fiance and I's favorite Downtown Boise restaurant.  We heard it was closing last year, but every time we walk past it not only is it's doing something new!

On any given Sunday (and possibly Friday or Saturday night) you can find my fiance and I winding down the week with a beer at Old Chicago. On the walk over I think I ask him every single time we walk past it "Hey, when's Pollo Rey closing? Is it ever closing?"

And trust me, that question doesn't mean I have something against the Mexican restaurant, I just remember a story about them closing up shop running in the Statesman last year.  But every weekend we walk past it, not only is it open...there's been live music inside it!

The Statesman now explains that the burrito destination has been sharing it's space B-AMP (Boise All-ages Movement Project.) Ran by the co-founder of Treefort, B-AMP is a nonprofit trying to put together a community space for the arts, including live music.  Pollo Rey got rave reviews from those who came to the 2017 Treefort Music Festival as a strange yet fun place to enjoy the concerts, leading B-AMP to temporarily use it as their home.

However, after August 7th B-AMP will be looking for a new space.  The Statesman confirms that early August will indeed be the last days for Pollo Rey.  There's a remodel in the works.  A new restaurant and bar combo will move in.  There's no plan for B-AMP to continue sharing the space after the new eatery opens for business.

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