Last week, our digital guy who we like to call Digital Daniel, recommended that I join the Boise Bench Dwellers page on Facebook. Daniel and I both live on the bench, and love to see what things are happening in the 'hood, so I hopped into it and it's been nothing but great content since.

As I was scrolling after the show today, I got roped into this thread about pets acting weird. Specifically in the last three days. I was out of town from Friday night to last night, so I haven't been around my cats to notice anything.

But I'm intrigued. Why would multiple pets be acting weird? Well, many of my neighbors weighed in to say that their pets have been acting strangely as well.

One theory: they could be predicting a natural disaster, like an earthquake.

People have always argued whether or not animals can predict natural disasters approaching. I'm not sure I'm completely sold on that being a real thing, but I wouldn't rule it out. I'm about to go home and see how my cats are acting.

I will say, when I got in from the airport last night and finally got into bed, Nala normally is in there to join me before I even hit the pillow. But last night only Porsche came in to snuggle. I went out to find Nala and she was sleeping in a basket that only Porsche ever sleeps in. Subtle 'weird' behaviors that normally wouldn't cause me to think twice, but I may now after reading this thread.

Thanks, Bench Dwellers.




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