You're out with your friends. There's been some drinking. There's been some dancing. There's obviously been a little tea. So, how does one wrap up such an epic night out at the bars? With a sweaty hot dog from your friendly neighborhood street vendor!


We're not going to lie. We've partaken in street weiner on multiple occasions. No shame in our game. We're not here to count calories, or see if walking far enough to close your circle makes it worth it. What we are looking to discover, however, is if street hot dogs are even safe to put into our bodies.

If we're being honest, sometimes they look, taste, and even smell like they're not actually food, so we're curious.

The good news is, the answer is just boiling over.

Meaning, if your friendly neighborhood street meat dealer has his or her weiners boiling, you're probably fine. That is, if the vendor is actually boiling their hot dogs. Many street slingers have their weiners resting in really hot water, but it's still not boiling. Which leaves room for bacteria to grow, which is not ideal.

Also, condiments. They should be kept cold. So if you're trying to be ultra safe with that hot dog you just bought from a stranger, you may want to hold off on the mustard or relish (ketchup is terrible and isn't a real condiment) if it looks like they've been sitting out at room temperature.

What's your experience been getting hot dogs in downtown Boise? Let us know on Facebook so we can talk meat!

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