If you've never been to Idaho, you may've heard that you're going to have a bad time if you're looking for folks with similar interests to yours if you aren't into "normal things."

Hiking? Sure. Guns? Lots of those. Sports? Plenty of sports fans in Idaho.

Dressing up head-to-toe in a furry animal costume to meet up with your friends? That's certainly more of a niche interest. Will have you have a hard time finding friends in Idaho?

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So, what's the scene for furries like in Idaho? Unfortunately, according to a recent Redit post, it's not great:

I've lived in Idaho before. Pocatello, St George, and a few other places.

A large percentage of the Furry fandom is LGBT+, and my experience is that Idaho, overall, really, really does not like people of color, LGBT+ people, or people who are creative in general. Frankly, Idaho - in my experience - is a very narrow, bigoted, and over-religious state. Utah is even worse.

You cannot grow beautiful flowers in poisoned soil, if you catch my drift.

Whoa. Please know that is a quote from Reddit, and most certainly not our opinion of Idaho at all.

But, what do you think? Is Idaho welcoming for people who have very particular interests? Or are you better off searching elsewhere for like-minded individuals who will respect your uniqueness?

Let's connect and get your take, because we won't ever find an answer unless we talk about it.

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