Yes, I follow Cosmopolitan Magazine on twitter.  No, it isn't weird.  I like having that insight into the crazy world of Cosmo and honestly, their brutal honesty has at times offered an insight into things from a woman's perspective.

It bothered me because I've been cheated on. The last serious relationship I was in, my ex was LITERALLY "seeing" 7 other guys besides me.  That really messed with my head and while I'm over it now, thinking about it still makes my stomach churn a little.

We're all adults here...has cheating ever been beneficial in a twisted but positive way?  I'll be honest, I've never cheated on a girlfriend before, but I can sympathize with someone who maybe was no longer happy in a relationship and couldn't get out of it.  I think?  I do believe that in all mistakes, there is growth.

What are your thoughts? There's no judgement here. Have you cheated? Did it turn out to be a beneficial decision?


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