It's 2017. On average, we send 72 texts per day and text two times more often than we talk on the phone. This means we primarily communicate via text. Breaking up over text is just our way of communicating that it's over. 

When you're ending a relationship, it's never just over. There's always something that leads up to the end of the relationship. I seem to be on an island when it comes to feeling the way I do. I'm not talking about marriages, here.

Here are some reasons to back me up on why I feel that breaking up via a text is just fine.

  1. CHEATING: Sure, you can get back together after he or she cheated on you but if you've made the decision to move on or that you're just not going to stand for it one more time, text them and let them know it's over. If this has happened before, they've clearly won their way back into your heart once before. Texting will help avoid the conversation you're hoping to avoid.
  2. LONG-DISTANCE: You could wait and wait for your significant other to come back into town or for you to go visit them but let's be real... you know it's done. Why wait? You're already long distance and you're already done. Be done. Text.
  3. YOU'RE EASILY SWAYED: This is the reason I 100% think it's okay to dump someone over text. I don't want to hear the reasons why I shouldn't break up with them. I don't want to see the tears. I don't want to give the tears and I don't want to leave not having accomplished what I set out to do which was call it quits. End the relationship. The quickest way to do so is through a direct text.
  4. YOU'RE AFRAID OF SAYING SOMETHING WRONG: Have you considered that you're doing this for their benefit? Yeah. If you text breakup, you could say the wrong thing and end up hurting feelings even more than planned making the whole process something traumatic.

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