Despite how toxic it can be, social media truly is a fascinating concept. It allows people to have a voice when they wouldn’t have had one before. It also creates for some interesting conversations such as the one that is taking place in the Facebook group, ‘Boise - Bad Driver Spotted.’ The topic of “cars I don’t trust on the road” was posted in the group by a member named Nicholas T. Like blood in shark-infested waters, members throughout the group rushed at the chance to share the vehicles that annoy them the most.

I decided to take the liberty of sifting through the comments to compile a list of the most hated cars in Boise. Now, before we go after the messenger, let’s remember these are coming from the people of Boise, not one person!

Maybe you’ll agree with this list, maybe you won’t… but without further ado, let’s see if you or anyone you know is driving one of the most annoying vehicles in Boise.

Are These Really the Most Hated Vehicles in Boise?

The people of Boise have taken to social media to share the vehicles they find the most annoying. Do you agree?

Do you agree? Are these the most hated vehicles in Boise? Are there others that should be on this list? Should some be taken off? Sound off here and let us know what you think!

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