According to a new Associated Press poll, 11 percent of Americans say they plan to dress their cat or dog up for Halloween. Are you in that roughly one out of ten? I have a feeling in Boise, it's higher. We love our pets here. I'd be willing to say it's three out of ten here in the Treasure Valley.

One pet owner interviewed, Cheryl Anagnopoulos, says she'd love to let her Miniature Pinscher decide whether to wear a costume or not--as soon as he starts paying rent. "He fights pretty hard, but we feed him and house him, so this is the least he can do," she says, adding that she plans to dress the dog up in a sweater with a skeleton face on it. Decide?? Pay rent? Okay. I feel that. My cats do make their own decisions I suppose. And a lot of my decisions are based on my cats as well.

Meanwhile, while one of another interviewee, Lamar Walker's, dogs likes wearing a bat outfit, he says the other one "don't like it [and] she'll just sit in one spot and pee on the floor."

I did put one of my cats, Nala, into a Seahawks cat fit once. She hated it. She acted like she couldn't walk properly. She actually walked sideways and backwards into a cat basket. It was the saddest. If you want to see that go down, you can scroll down on my cat's IG account: @porscheandnala.

Because yes, I have an Insta dedicated to my cats yet refuse to be 'that girl' and dress them up for Halloween. You gotta pick your battles.

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