After an unbronco like 7-5 season, the Boise State Athletic department finds itself in full spin mode trying to sell fans why they should attend the Arizona or Barstool Sports Bowl.  The bowl season will feature over forty bowl games all of them will be televised except, you guessed it Boise State's match up against Central Michigan.  

Barstool Sports is one of the most successful online platforms in the world. However, it's not television. It hit me last night how difficult it will be for the Broncos to sell this bowl as a good opportunity to their fans. KTVB Sports Director was trying to explain to Kim Fields and Morgan Romero how fans will find apps to load, download and stand on their heads to get the game on their television sets. Barstool is the king of the under 30 crowd, however, if you've ever been to a home game? The crowd is closer to logging on to AARP than Barstool Sports. The over 50 crowd has the money and the influence, and those folks are the boosters who write the checks.

Former Bronco Media Expert Explains The Selection

Jeff Caves is a broadcasting legend in Boise. The former BSU Player turned broadcaster created a radio 'sports station' that covered the rise of the Boise State program. Jeff is now a podcaster, writer and works for First Team Ventures in Texas, promoting the First Responder/Frisco/Armed Forces Bowls in Dallas-Fort Worth.

 Boise State has no choice but to put the perennial 'lipstick on a pig' offense. The spin cycle will be going into hyper-drive, telling anyone who will listen that streaming is the future. On that note, they are correct. However, nothing beats the exposure of having your game on ESPN. Streaming is the future, but we are in the present, not the future. Perhaps Jeff was right in this Tweet that the Broncos did not have a choice in the bowl selection process. If so, then they'll do their best to improve a bad situation.


However, if the Broncos chose the Arizona Bowl, they have betrayed the fans with that misguided choice. (You can read our story here advocating for the Broncos to stay home playing in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl.)  The Broncos playing at home makes it easier for the fans to enjoy their team. The players are done with their year before Christmas and allow the coaching staff time to rest after a turbulent first year.

Who in their right mind would choose to play in the only bowl game that will not be televised?  Streaming will not reassure fans that the team is moving in the right direction with a first year coach and first year athletic director.  Central Michigan will be motivated to play under their brilliant coach Jim McElwain.

The Chippewas' head coach is big time. He won a national champion as an offensive coordinator at Alabama and was the head football coach at the University of Florida. His team will be motivated to send a message that his MAC team has arrived at the expense of Boise State.

Will the Broncos match their intensity?  Playing the Chippewas is like kissing your sister.  If the Broncos win, on the bowl that no one will be able to watch, it's expected.  If they lose it's another shot to the body ending a season of disappointment.

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