Oh look! It's another opportunity to make a bet with Chris. I'm not as confident with this one because he has this hidden talent of making food disappear at a fast rate of speed. Eating sliders can't be difficult...can it?

We would love to have you plan to basically skip work on Friday because there are other, more important things going on. Trust me on this one.

Starting at 11:00 a.m. at Dickey's (2845 E Overland Rd), the Tip-A-Cop and Eating Contest begins. Plus, we will have tickets to see Eric Church at the Taco Bell Arena and Boise Music Festival Cool Zone passes. This means you sit in an area where you stay cool (see what we did there) and have a great view of the stage. These tickets are coveted.

tip a cop

Chris Cruise is completely set on winning this slider eating competition. At first, I had considered competing against him but the odds are completely against me.

So now I'm trying to divert the attention off of the two of us and 100% on Chris. He likes the attention anyway.

There is actually a world record for eating sliders. At first I thought the record holder was Joey Chestnut's 104 sliders in 8 minutes. I was wrong. There's actually a pulled pork slider eating competition and a record for that, specifically. I challenge Chris to beat the record set by Joey Chestnut (this guy is a beast when it comes to eating) who ate 62 pulled pork sliders in 10 minutes. The last I heard, the record was set in 2014 with no other human being able to break it with just one more.

I will continue to tell Chris that the record is set at 104 then tell him (at the competition) that he only has to eat nearly half of that amount to be the world champion. He likes titles and trophies and all the accolades. This time, it's not going to be a participation award - he's got to EARN IT!

See you there?

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