Idaho is loved by many, and also by many celebrities. Arnold Schwarzenegger famous for body building, movies, motivation and his long California Govenor run. He has also his own little slice of Idaho heaven.

Decades ago Arnold built a magnificent and massive mansion in Ketchum. Love Property says, "While we're yet to get a glimpse inside the mysterious property, the rustic retreat is reportedly spread over 18,000 square feet and boasts a wood and stone interior featuring stunning views over the mountains. We can't think of a more idyllic spot for the action star to enjoy some downtime, especially given his no doubt stressful stint as the governor of California from 2003 to 2011."

Arnold Schwarzenegger Idaho Home, Google Earth, Love Property
Arnold Schwarzenegger Idaho Home, Google Earth, Love Property

Arnold has loved the Sun Valley Area since he first visited. He loves to ski and was even photographed in Sun Valley for Vanity Fair in '97:

He spends a lot of time in Sun Valley in the winter, sometimes even seen skiing with other celebrities.

Or hanging out with some of his kids.

Do you remember back when VH1 had a show called "The Fabulous Life"? There was one that featured Arnold and at minute 14 they focus on his home and life in Sun Valley, Idaho.

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