Naughty professor is a six-person New Orleans based funk band that has earned a loyal following because of their vivacious music and exhilarating live performances. You can expect the band to stick to a loose structure in their performance as they mix in some unexpected improvisations that keep you on your toes.

Their 5th studio album is set to release June 23 of this year, and they kick off four months of touring with a free show in Grand Rapids, MI. Their show at the Huckleberry Jam won’t be their first in Idaho for the year, or even the month. They are set to play at the Reef on the 26th before the make the drive up the Tamarack Resort. In their new album, “Identity” they are showcasing their talent alongside more collaborators than ever before to bring forward their best sound to date. They have some impressive names on the tracks, including singer songwriter Dexter Gilmore, David Shaw (of the Revivalists), Ivan Neville. Trumpeter Eric “Benny” Bloom  from Lettuce, who will also be performing at the Huckleberry Jam ,will be featured on a track.

Listen to "Stray" and "Chef's Revenge" to get your groove on.

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