You're with your best friends, the sun is hot, the music is loud and you're surrounded by giant trees without a care in the world. What to pack is almost as important as the stage lineup. 

July 27th through July 29th Tamarack Resort will be filled with festival goers, experiences and memories. It's a fun and chill experience made even better if you're prepared. Think: Mountains. Games in the sun. Outdoors. Party. Music under the stars.

Now it's time to pack.

The average temperature at Huckleberry Jam is 80 degrees. Plan for a fluctuation of about 10 degrees either way. If you're camping, staying in a hotel or at an Air BnB, you'll need to consider additional supplies for lodging. This packing list is all about the festival!

  1. Sunscreen. Whether it's sunny and hot or overcast, you'll want to protect your skin from those UV rays since the party is outside all day into the night. Grab that lip balm with SPF in it.
  2. Shoes. Think versatile. Something like Tevas or Chacos. Anything you can wear on land and in the water.
  3. Bag. A backpack or crossbody bag tends to work the best. If you can fit your stuff in a fanny pack, let's continue with the trend.
  4. Clothing to Layer. This can mean that you bring shorts, a tank and a zip up hoodie. Maybe you want to go a little more flowy and opt for a dress with some sweater-y thing you can pull on over when the sun goes down.
  5. Charger. Your phone likely won't hold a charge all day long with as much as you'll be using it. An external charger will give you that battery boost without having to miss anything. Also, don't forget the cord that goes with it.
  6. Baby powder. It's hot. people chafe. Enough said.
  7. Sunglasses. Duh. Also, these are best for the morning after.
  8. Deodorant. It's best not only for yourself but for the people around you. Let's revisit the whole 80 degrees thing.
  9. Hair tie. We all go out with good intentions. Our hair has those perfect beach waves. Then we start sweating and drinking and playing games. That's when the hair goes up.
  10. Money. There are plenty of shopping opportunities as well as great food and drinks.

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