What does this girl do about the boyfriend she has been hiding? We continue to get messages asking for feedback on certain situations (typically relationships) in all of your lives. We're taking these stories and asking you for advice.

Here's a little background: Kylee has been dating her boyfriend for over a year. She moved to town not long ago and her mom hasn't yet visited.

My boyfriend lives with me in my new house. We started dating before I moved to Boise so once we moved here, we just moved in together. I never officially told my  mom that he was living with me as my boyfriend. She thinks he has his own room and we're basically rooming together. Mom comes in to town on Thursday and I don't know if I should keep the room I use as a guest room (but kind of as "his" room) or if I should just tell my mom when she's here.

I don't want things to get weird and I'm seriously considering having my boyfriend stay at a hotel for the weekend.

What do I do?




What does she do? Comment with your advice.

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