The COVID-19 stay at home order has wreaked havoc on our lives in many ways. Couples have gone from being happy in love to "get away from me," status. Families are at each other's throats due to lack of space and then there are those who have really grown together in these uncertain times. No matter which end of the spectrum you're on, all men need a haircut. Now, some of us know personal friends who cut our hair, and then there are people like Mateo who will not let anyone touch his hair other than his barber and as a result looks like Sasquatch at the moment. As a public service announcement, I wanted to share these 7 tips from Mens Health for an at-home haircut from men's health.


1. Everyone requires different clippers do your research and get the right clippers.

2. A dual mirror set up is recommended with bright lights.

3. The Bathroom is the best place to cut your hair.

4. Some hairstyles are easier to maintain, so consider switching up for simplicity.

5. Keep all of your hair tools at arms length and ready to go.

6. Always wet your hair before cutting it.

7. In proportion to the mirrors position yourself accordingly so you can see as much of your head as possible during the haircut. Angles... its all about the angles.


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