This time of year can be difficult to find things to do with your kids. But there are super fun (and educational) classes happening once a week! It’s every parent's dream come true.


But, before we get into that, here’s another really fun activity to do with your kids this time of year!


If Your Kids Miss The Snow, Visit These Treasure Valley Favorites

With the snow subsiding and finally melting around the Treasure Valley, there's a lot of kids who are going to miss it! We asked Idahoans where the best places are to take the kids if they're missing the snow.


Oh, and here are some snack hacks that all Boise kids will thank you later for.


5 Snack Hacks That Boise Kids Will Love

Freeze it and they will eat it. Kids love popsicles and moms love a snack hack, so frozen anything is pretty much a win. The most clever ideas make snacking fun and at least a little healthy, and they require very little effort on mom's part.


Alright, time to get back to the free and fun education for Boise kids!


Free Education Fun for Boise Kids


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