Temperatures are rising here in the Treasure Valley and unfortunately, despite how safe our community is, so too are the crime rates. Now, it's nothing to be afraid of--it's just something to be careful of and really, you control a lot of it. It's crime of opportunity that police in the area are warning residents of which means as long as you're smart about your safety, odds are you won't have to deal with any of them.

So what is a crime of opportunity? It's essentially a crime that was committed but not planned. When a perpetrator sees a chance to commit a crime in the moment and acts on it. In other words, a crime you're "asking" to have happen.

Sure, nobody is ASKING to be burglarized. But ask yourself...are you!?

It comes down to this: are you locking your doors and windows when you leave the house for work during the day--or even just when you go to run errands for a little while? As temperatures go up, are you leaving your garage door open? Just a crack, even? All of these things signal to potential criminals that there's a chance to make their "attack" a little easier.

Lock those doors, windows, and garages. Make sure if you park outside or on the street that you don't have anything IN your car visible--especially valuables. Don't give anyone the chance to consider taking what is yours and everything should be just fine.

Authorities in Boise have released a map that actually shows which parts of town are seeing the most burglaries, so you can be ultra vigilant. To see that, click HERE.

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