It's official you already know 🔥Baby Bash will be the official host for the 2018 Boise Music Festival After-BASH party at The Balcony nightclub in Downtown Boise.

Yep! After the Cyclone rapper rocks the stage this Saturday, June 23rd at Expo Idaho you can catch him AGAIN at the Balcony Club starting at 10 p.m. in downtown Boise. The cover is only $3, so arrive early to ensure you're able to get in before we hit capacity. Trust us, you'll WANT to be here! There will be drinks, shots, performances, and a whole lot of crazy. This will be THE after party of all afterparties.

See you Saturday night!

Keeping it 💯with Baby Bash and Frankie J with one of their biggest hits ever. They just cut the acoustic version and maaaaaaaaaan, they kill it. I did a show with them in Spokane and they did an acoustic for me - they sound better today.

Make sure you keep listening for free VIP/Head of line passes with Kekeluv, Lucky The Dj and Mateo. TAP DAT APP for a surprise coming 🎉🔥More details HERE.

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