Over the past several weeks, a very motived Boise State football team and fan base have been looking forward to what could be a big season in 2024-2025. With a top tier quarterback recruit moving in to Boise, a new head coach, and an expanded college football playoff bracket, the chance for Boise State to rise in the national spotlight has increased significantly.

A plot twist just weeks ago had many fans feeling uneasy.

Offensive Coordinator and Boise State alum Bush Hamdan left the program for the University of Kentucky.

The rumor mill is churning and many local sports writers are saying that the position has been filled--by a name that many fans have full confidence in.

Dirk Koetter.

Here is a look at Idaho legend and beloved Boise State advocate, Dirk Koetter! 

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What an amazing career! 

Just a couple of seasons ago, after firing the Offensive Coordinator mid-season under Andy Avalos, the program brought back Koetter for a "one time only" deal. Many believed it was Koetter's leadership that developed then QB Taylen Green and turned the season around.

The one year deal came to an end and Koetter went back to retirement.


Pete Thamel, as you can see above and who is often the first to break this kind of news is confirming the rumor.

Once again, it seems Koetter will be on a "one year deal" but it's easy to assume fans will be hoping for more.

We will continue to update you as official confirmation from the university is announced.

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