A close win on the blue over the weekend means that finally, eyes are back on Boise State...kind of.

Over the past three weeks, Boise State--despite winning, just hasn't been able to get any love from the critics and the pollsters. After a rough loss at Oklahoma State and against conference foe San Diego State, it has felt like perhaps Boise State wasn't all they were hyped up to be this year.  The win last night against BYU wasn't the most impressive, as the team and fans alike had to depend on a last second goal-line stand, but this is the win that we've been waiting for.

With Week 11 rankings released earlier today, fans saw something we haven't seen in a while now: Boise State mentioned.

While the Bronco's aren't ranked, they're listed as having received votes. This coming week is arguably, their last shot to get ranked: defeated a ranked Fresno State team...at home. Lose that and I don't think Boise State will be back in the Top 25 for the rest of the year. Pollsters are considering Boise State again, let's all hope for a big victory Friday night.

To see the complete week 11 rankings, click HERE.

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