Can I be honest? The day Phase 4 kicked in it was as if the flood gates had been opened. Let me share my Bar / Club experience over the last three weeks. Much like the rest of Idaho I had cabin fever so the first night bars and restaurants we're open a friend and I ventured out. We hit 1 restaurant and 3 bars that night... Two out of four  had zero social distancing measures in place at the beginning of the night and as the night progressed it only got worse. The following weekends I was out every night at a variety of places and it did not get any better, frankly I'm wondering why people are surprised that the COVID cases have spiked? The Health district has made the determination that Ada county bars should close as of June 24th. Is this the best solution? I don't have the answer to that but apparently we haven't done a good enough job of social distancing. Here are the new rules:

  • Nightclubs, must now close
  • Large event venues must close
  • Gatherings of more than 50 people will not be allowed.
  • Employers are encouraged to allow working remotely
  • Anyone entering the area from out-of-state would be encouraged to self-quarantine for 14 days
  • Visits to senior centers will be limited


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