The world sees a headline like this and it's just another pop culture alert. Idahoans read this message and realize they just lost a friend. Adam West died Friday night on the heals of our own Treasure Valley Comic-Con. See how he's being remembered.

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I wasn't born when the television series Batman was being broadcasted. My son will probably never watch those old shows with Adam West playing the iconic Batman, but some of were reminded on Friday night. Adam West lost his life at 88 due to a brief fight with Leukemia. This might just be another news story if Adam West wasn't such an icon in our own community. You might not recognize him walking down the street, but West was the man who started it all.

I could go into the history of Adam West and what he means to Idahoans. I'm just not an expert and found a great story that Audrey Dutton from the Idaho Statesman did on reporting his legacy. I didn't even realize how close his ties were to Idaho. I do remember having a meeting about booking talent for the Treasure Valley Comic-Con and his name was mentioned several times. I would expect some great Batman features at the TVCC event in Nampa on July 7-9.

Lennox in his first Batman superhero pajamas.
Lennox in his first Batman superhero pajamas.

I guess it depends on how you're raised when it comes to superheroes. If you could be one superhero who would that be? I'm trying to think of my ranking growing up. Star Wars definitely was my childhood crush on movies. I think looking back at all the growing up and movies I would choose Batman. Those movies were the best!

My Batman Ranking:

  1. Adam West (Original Batman and definitely the OG.) The first two Batman movies + TV Series.
  2. Christian Bale (The Dark Knight Series and in my opinion the best.)
  3. Michael Keaton (The first one since the iconic TV series giving Keaton two movies and Jack Nicholson in his iconic role as Joker.
  4. Ben Affleck (It's just hard to follow up Christian Bale to me, but I like Ben.) Batman vs Superman and roles in Suicide Squad + Justice League.
  5. George Clooney with Batman and Robin was part of the silly Batmans. Wasn't even close to a favorite. It wasn't till Batman went Dark that it REALLY got good.
  6. Val Kilmer in Batman Forever (that movie was just too bad and maybe it wasn't Val's fault.)

My Joker Ranking:

  1. Heath Ledger wins all the awards hands down and It will be a long time before anyone can really touch that performance. I'll give Jared Leto the benefit of the doubt, but he needs a larger role.
  2. Jack Nicholson was in his prime and at that time in 1989, he killed it. Kim Basinger was also the sexy female in that one.
  3. Jim Carrey.
  4. Jared Leto (Suicide Squads - His role wasn't big enough but if anyone could fall in Heath's footsteps it would be Jared.

Here's a look at some of the Batman's Best over the years.


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