I love waking up to snow on the ground especially when it's the weekend and I don't have to leave the house. Snow is great for watching and for snowboarding. As much as I like driving, driving in snow is not my favorite activity. Last year we got a light dusting of snow and I thought nothing of it so I jumped in my truck and headed to work, I was on a straight road about 2 miles from home when all of a sudden I found myself sliding across the road onto oncoming traffic. I was going in a straight line one second and the next I was all over the road. Fast forward 11 months to this morning, I'm driving on the same straight road and all of a sudden the truck in front of me slides across the road into a ditch. The front of the truck is smashed but it has so much momentum that the truck jumps the ditch and ends up on the other side. I stop and as the lady driver gets out she says... I think I was going to fast.

A few hours later Mateo is driving back from Nampa and a blue Subaru flies past him on the freeway. 3 miles up the road the car is on its roof. Thinking back to my episode 11 months ago, I was going too fast. Do yourself a favor and everyone around you... SLOW DOWN. According to Treasure Valley Weather HQ we're supposed to get 5-10 inches of snow in the Valley from now till Monday.

The connector was closed this morning due to accidents and slide offs. At this point It will most likely get worse before it gets better so if you have to drive take your time and be safe.

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