How did I miss this? It was national cheeseburger day over the weekend and we didn't even discuss it! Well, I've put together a list so you can catch up on the missed HOLIDAY after Fit One this weekend.

I came across this last week and I'll put the blame on myself. I'm a freak of a cheeseburger lover and we just missed national cheeseburger day on Saturday. I definitely have to get on my "Burger" game and take a cheeseburger tour for myself. I mean, I should taste them ALL right? Look for that blog coming up very soon, but I'm looking for your help.

Please submit your favorite burger spot and why you love it. I will compile a list and rank the top burgers in the Treasure Valley. I will also choose the best contributor for an amazing burger experience on 103.5 Kissfm.

Here's a list I compiled and please submit yours to

  1. Big Jud's Custom Burgers - Home of the 1 lb and 2 lb challenge.
  2. The Counter Custom Built Burgers - Inside the Village at Meridian and you must try the chocolate shakes too, to die for!
  3. The Yardhouse - Great place to eat a burger, have a beer on the hundred taps and watch a game while enjoying the amazing environment in the Village at Meridian.
  4. Five Guys Burgers and Fries.
  5. Blazen Burgers - In the heart of Nampa.

Who did I leave out? Message me at

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