I spent over an hour and a half on my bracket this morning and it's less than 75% filled in!  If you're investing that much time into some serious bracketology, you might as well try to win something ENORMOUS!

Unfortunately, Warren Buffet's Billion Dollar Perfect Bracket challenge is dunzo.  But these challenges offer some serious prizes and are completely free to enter! I mean you've already filled out your bracket for bragging rights in your office, so why not enter?

  • Yahoo's Tourney Pick 'Em

    Yahoo! is partnering with Lexus for their annual Tourney Pick 'Em challenge.  There's a $50,000 prize for the "best bracket" which is determined by some impossibly difficult points formula.  I can't math well, so I trust Yahoo! to let me know if I won.  Anyone in Idaho 18 and over can play. Click HERE to enter.

  • CBS Free Bracket Challenge

    This is the one I've been participating in for years simply because at some point it was linked directly to my Facebook account.  There's no prize for the perfect bracket but any contestant that ranks in the top 10% of the participants is eligible to randomly win the grand prize.  This year it's 4 tickets to the 2017 Final Four and $6,000 to help cover travel expenses to get to the games.  Click HERE to enter.

  • ESPN NCAA Tournament Challenge

    ESPN teams up with Honda/Microsoft for their bracket challenge.  The winner receives a trip for two (hotel and airfare included) to the Jim Maul Invitational in Hawaii.  They also scoop up a $10,000 Amazon.com gift card. Click HERE to enter.

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