Michelle Heart

Today we say goodbye to a really good friend 😭, but welcome her to a brand new chapter in life. Michelle Heart (Middays/Assistant Brand Manager/Anything else Keke needs) will be taking her 🎧 down the hall to sister radio station, 107.9 LITE-FM.

This is just the beginning for Michelle and I couldn’t be prouder of her. I’ve watched several people that I’ve hired move on to fulfill their dreams. We’ve witnessed all our talent end up in major cities from Portland to Dallas. Choosing talent isn’t easy, but finding Michelle Heart was a no brainer and her dream has always been to do radio in a place she loves. She's living her dreams right now.

Michelle Heart Was My College #1 Draft Pick

I received Michelle’s package years ago while she was still attending college. I was transitioning to host the morning show and looking for a co-host. The very first package that I opened was from Michelle, I took it right to my boss.

“Found her!”

She came in for a visit during Live for 175 (annual child abuse prevention campaign) and we signed her. Graduation. Flight. The beginning.


You will never hear anyone of us talking about ratings or achievements unless it’s a joke. Let me tout her winning record over last 8 years: One-half of the show that dominated with #1 ratings in mornings, #1 station, and #1 midday show. That’s just a minor selfie of what’s she’s achieved while living in Idaho. The massive projects that Michelle has worked on over the years have mostly been covert. You would never know about it. Michelle does the tedious busy work that only she can do and has been a consistent block of strength for this brand since day one.


I’ve watched Michelle attend every event, each birthday, celebration for listeners, and make Idaho her home. She is a competitor but has fallen in love with someone else other than her fiance, YOU. Michelle is selfless, Michelle is LOUD, Michelle is innocent. Michelle is an odd NSYNC fan. Michelle taps into the everyday female. Michelle can grab a microphone and talk to 100,000 people with zero nervous tension. People genuinely think of Michelle like a sister, friend, or the girl next door. She always smiles and would always ring out before we even made eye contact in the morning, “GOOD MORNING!” You might not know, but I’m not a morning person. Michelle, she’s just a happy person 24/7.

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 2.14.19 AM

Monday, August 21st, Michelle Heart will turn the microphone on and wake the Treasure Valley up once again with, “GOOD MORNING!!!” on 107.9 LITE-FM. This is such an awesome opportunity for Michelle to shine. This is her moment and she deserves it. Like many things, this is just a slice of what she’ll be doing. I truly believe that this woman is about to light it up! I’m actually surprised our competing radio stations didn’t try to steal her a long time ago (big mistake on their parts.)

We’re not replacing Michelle because that position can’t be filled. Michelle is a loyal friend, employee and amazing human. We were very lucky. There are more changes coming as we try out new candidates.

My message to Michelle. I truly love you sister and nobody will ever be able to push you around. I was hard on you for everything that happens from now moving forward. You are a strong woman that has gone from dumb boys to a ring on that finger girl! Never look back or let anyone tell you that you didn’t or can’t do something you dream of.

You have taken on the sole responsibility to embrace a new audience each day. People are struggling with life more than ever and distractions are at a ridiculous high. It’s your responsibility to make them smile, inform, and assist in their daily challenges. Be their outlet, Michelle. People need to smile more. Give them the same experience you feel every time you lace up those shoes for a marathon. You got this.

Bye, bye, bye


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