Deep dish, Chicago Style, Neopolitan, New York... everybody has their favorite pizza style so naming the best pizza place can be a difficult task but if what if we took a different approach and came up with 5 of the most popular ones and then rated them to determine the winner? Besides, it is election season and if you're tired of the mudslinging this is something that you can enjoy voting on and then eating.


College vibes and of course the most popular spot to hit after a night bar hopping downtown Boise. The variety of choices tends to be eclectic and they claim to be there all day and late night for your pizza needs.


The seasonal Habanero pizza is such a big deal that patrons have to sign a waiver if they want to partake. Great people, Great food, Great beer is their tag line and they certainly serve a variety of food from pasta to wings but the pizza is the always the move at Flying Pie.


Fast, Scratch, Ingredient driven pizza is what they claim to be all about.  Located in the Boise bench, Red Bench Pizza focuses on old world Neopolitan style pizza. Local spot with local ingredients.


If you're all about contemporary vibes, The Wylder is your spot. This place is fairly new to downtown Boise but has great craft cocktails and sourdough crust pizza is delish.


This place had huge slices and is also known for their Italian Nachos. The pizza is wood fired and if that's your thing, you need this place in your life.

What's you favorite? Rate them.

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