We've all been there, we're driving down the road on our way to run errands, meet friends or sometimes we're just going home and all of a sudden nature calls. We tell ourselves that we can wait till we get to our destination but soon there after we realize we're not gonna make it. The question then becomes... where to stop? Of course the first thought is a gas station but let's be honest gas stations are super hit and miss and in my humble opinion more miss than hit. I can't tell you how many random gas station restrooms I've walked into that are plain gross. Summertime is the worst because not only do those restrooms tend to get more use from summer travelers driving to or through Boise additionally the lack of proper air conditioning or ventilation turns a dirty restroom into a stinky restroom. Thinking about it makes me want to throw up in my mouth a lil bit.

The second thought for me is always fast food restaurant restrooms. While the average fast food spot is cleaner than a gas station spot... you're still taking a stab in the dark. So where do you go to find a clean well air conditioned restroom in Boise?

The guaranteed win in Boise is always gonna be a hotel restroom. If you need to handle your business in a somewhat public restroom but you're like me and want to be in a comfortable and clean situation find a hotel. If you're downtown Boise the Grove restrooms are ideal. If you're by all the breweries on Chinden the Riverside Hotel has crisp and clean restrooms. If you're near the bars on 5th and main the new Home 2 suites hotel is prime. The trick is to walk in confident as if you belong and make a bee line for the restrooms. Handle your business and vacate the premises. Do you have a go to public restroom?

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