Black Friday brings the deal-seekers out in droves. Well, friends, a better day is coming. July 15th - Prime Day - add it to the calendar. Online shopping is about to get real. 

credit: Amazon via YouTube
credit: Amazon via YouTube

It's called 'Prime Day' and Amazon claims that July 15th will have "more deals than Black Friday". Amazon is celebrating their 20th anniversary with a made-up shopping holiday that will bury Black Friday and none of us are sad about it.

You do have to be an Amazon Prime member to participate in this shopping extravaganza. While being a Prime member does benefit you like crazy (coming from an addicted Prime member), you also get free two-day shipping for those emergency purchases like an outfit for the weekend or the jersey you ordered for the upcoming game. How do I have such specific examples? reason. #okayidoitallthetime



Sign up for your Amazon Prime trial HERE and ride it out for 30 days. Conveniently, Prime Day is right in the middle of this trial. Funny how that happens, right?

Take this quiz to find out the kind of shopper you are and get your list ready because it's go-time. Shopping is a sport and I plan to take it very seriously.

Dear go kart for my son and sound bar for my TV, I'm coming for you!

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