Idaho is known for her incredible outdoors. The scenery is second to none, camping and trails are pure nirvana, and local wildlife keeps hunters busy every single season.

Do you enjoy hunting? Are you just itching to get back into the wilderness, become one with nature, and down your prey? Planning on going hunting in Idaho in 2023? Awesome!

Well, it could be awesome, as long as you follow this very real law in Idaho that affects all hunters.

It should be stated that there are some really...odd...laws in Idaho, so we're trying to lighten the blow for when you hear about this absurd hunting law. In Idaho, it is illegal to:

  • Sell chickens after sundown without permission from the Sheriff
  • Ride a merry-go-round on a Sunday
  • Have a public display of affection over 18 minutes in length

They're ridiculous. But, they're real, even if you probably won't get in trouble for breaking any of those laws.

This hunting law is also very real, but we're rather certain you'll get in an exorbitant amount of trouble if you decide to go against the grain on this rule:

In Idaho, it is illegal to hunt from a helicopter, whether on ground or in the air

We told you. Absolutely bizarre, but it does make sense.

Also, who actually owns their own helicoptor, is an avid hunter, has enough money to pay a pilot to man the helicoptor while they're hunting, get it. We really can't see anyone actually breaking this law anytime soon.

But, ya know, don't hunt from a helicopter. It's illegal.

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