If you follow me on social media @mikeyfuentes on IG then you know that I'm definitely a foodie and by foodie I mean a dessert junkie. I absolutely love baked goods and it seems like after every meal I need not want... NEED... to have some sort of dessert. Today after lunch Mateo and I we're in the car and I noticed we were two blocks away from Big City Coffee which is one of my favorite breakfast and dessert spots. Within two minutes we we're at the front door only to realize that they were closed. Closed not as in for the day but closed for an extended period of time. I can't begin to tell you how disappointed I am right now. The scones, the muffins , the carrot cake all gone.... Sadness abounds in my heart... LOL..  but really... I'm bummed. See the official verbiage about the closing from their website:

Be back soon — just taking a break!

Ok we surrender ...

We’ve been fighting to good fight these past few weeks, but with the community spread and high level of stress and anxiety, we are going to CLOSE for a bit to ride out this new wave of COVID...

We aren’t going anywhere — just taking a break... When it’s right for us, we will open again with breakfast and big pastries for you all!

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