We love our men and women in blue and they have to go through a lot of training before becoming an officer, but they also have to do a lot of continuous training, so they can protect the public and ensure our rights.  What happens though, when the animal kingdom has a different idea?  You get the situation the Boise Police are currently experiencing. They've had to postpone training of something called "dynamic entry".  This is where they train how to enter a home, building or other dwelling through a doorway or entry.  The steel frame door they currently use to train, is well... occupied.

Currently a nest of Doves is situated at the top of the door frame and it has eggs, waiting to hatch.  The Boise Police don't want to disturb the nesting birds(bird moms can get pretty defensive), so they will postpone the training and wait for the birds to hatch and the birds are able to move on.

It's nice to see the softer side of the Boise PD, but don't get any cute ideas and put birds nests on top of your car, they wills till pull you over for speeding!

It might be a little ironic, it's a nest of Doves, they are a symbol of peace after all.

Check out some of the pictures the Boise PD posted on their Facebook page.


(all photos courtesy of the Boise Police Department Facebook)

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