Monday just got a whole lot better. I get that what I'm about to type may be very subjective but let's face it... It's not a matter of life or death so here we go... Every Monday as I drive to work I pass three coffee spots. Less than a mile from my freeway exit, Dutch is on the east side of Broadway. I travel another mile or two and there is Black Rock. Two blocks after that is the Starbucks location. It's always interesting that on Mondays all three spots are jammed packed. It doesn't matter if I'm driving past at 7am or 9am Monday's are always the busiest. Clearly we all need a bit more help getting going on a Monday... Shout out to Black Rock because today they're making Monday a bit better for all of us with their $3 Bourbon Caramel Chiller. No, it's not an alcoholic  drink but for someone who loves caramel and likes a good bourbon from time to time this is music to my ears and palate. You're welcomed and now that you've been made aware drive yourself to the nearest Black Rock and treat yourself because the deal is only valid while supplies last.

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