I wasn't planning on getting glammed for Boise Music Festival, but it just all came to fruition on it's own!

A couple weekends ago, Keke and I did a bicycle bar with Pedals and Pints and Boise Bucket List. I met a girl on our bike named Jacquee who braids hair for weddings and events! She offered to braid my hair for BMF and I sent her some inspiration of looks I like. I love the way it turned out! I smoothed out some flyaways and curled my ends after I was all ready to go.



Now I really had zero plans to get my makeup done. I'm pretty basic when it comes to makeup, like I have about one look I can do pretty well so I do that look basically every day.

On Thursday, just a couple days before BMF, I thought to myself "I should see if any of my followers here in Boise do makeup and get glammed." I didn't do that, though, because I ended up taking a nap instead. Here's the crazy thing: when I woke up from my nap, I had a message from a new follower who offered to do my makeup! The power of manifestation is real.

Zohal has certifications from one of the best and did such a great job! It was quick, too. I sent her some looks and she recreated my favorite one! I don't even own any eye shadow because I really don't know how to apply it, so the eyes were my favorite part.


I added some bronzer via an app in this pic to even out my tone since my kitchen lighting washed me out a bit.

To book with Jacquee, reach out to her on instagram: @the.braided.life

To book with Zohal, reach out to her on instagram: @mua_zohal or @zzzahhra_

Thanks for glamming me and making me feel beautiful for the day, Jacquee and Zohal!

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