The weather may not totally suggest it, but it is the first day of summer! Tomorrow will actually be a high of around 77, which is perfect for concerts if you ask me. If you ask Keke, it's a different story. But he's one of the weird ones who likes it to be 115+.

Boise Music Festival is finally here and I can't wait to see how it all goes down! Doors open at 10a and we'll all be there to greet you.

So: you don't have your tickets yet? (WHY and HOW- we've been giving them away for literally seven months!!) I can't help you at this point besides sending you to the website to buy them. But seriously, buy them. You don't want to miss Pitbull's first time ever in Boise! Mr 305 in the 208 is going to be insane. Plus the Eli Young Band, Ton Loc, Color Me Bad, Jake Miller.. it's going to be a party! You don't want to be the person watching the shows via your friends' Insta stories from your couch while everyone you know enjoys the show.

Tickets are still available! Cool Zone is sold out, but you can get your pit passes or standard general admission tickets here. 

I want to see you there! Keeks and I will be at the fairgrounds early, like 9:30a until the end of the show, so if you see us- say what's up!

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