Daughtry finished up his headlining performance with a long guitar riff that trailed out for about :20 seconds in to a phenominal rendition of Prince’s, “Purple Rain.” Check out these photos.

Most of these fans remember Daughtry from American Idol back when there wasn’t a Voice competitor. Daughtry was on AI’s most popular season and some fans thought he was robbed as he finished out 4th before being voted out. Chris was the 3rd most popular selling Idol next to Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson.

So many listeners so I look like Daughtry (I can’t see it), but what most people don’t know is he’s a genuinely nice guy. Chris and I talked for a while back stage about his family and mine. This down to earth Idol took pictures with my son, finance` and mother in law (to be). The coolest thing was he asked for the photos. His finale rendition of “Purple Rain” was a showstopper and gave us another great BMF memory for the books. Here's gallery one.

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