Boise Music Festival is coming up quick! It is actually one month from yesterday. While I prepare by *attempting* to go fully vegan like Beyonce does leading up to her Coachella and major performances, you may be thinking "but I still don't even have my tickets yet!". If that's you, first of all, why don't you? Second of all, I've got you.

Saturday! It's supposed to be thunder, maybe lightning, and lots of rain. You don't want to be outside. You want to be inside, working on your summer BMF body. That's why you should come see me at Crunch Fitness in Caldwell from 11-1p! Oh, I'll also be giving away a ton of BMF tickets there.

Come peep the scene, try to win these Boise Music Festival tickets, and check out the gym! I recently got a Crunch Fitness membership in addition to my memberships at Kvell and Hollywood Market Yoga (because, can you ever have enough reasons and ways to work out as summer approaches?) and I love it there. If you're looking for a gym to join, this is your spot.


Where: Crunch Fitness 4623 Enterprise Way, Caldwell

When: 11-1p on Saturday, May 25th

What: You and Boise Music Festival tickets!

See you at Crunch in Caldwell on Saturday!


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