You can see the horizon off in the distance as you ride in the chair lift, the breeze is brisk but just enough to cool you off after the last run on the fresh powder delivered by the latest winter offering. As you jump off the lift you glance at the slopes you're about to conquer and you think to yourself... I need a season pass for 2020-2021. I want to do this every chance I get and it has to be a better deal than buying single day tickets. Well you're timing is impeccable and the math maybe correct depending on how many times you ride per season but one thing is for certain the big Presidents day Bogus Basin Season Pass Sale is around the corner and the prices are going up for most age groups. Here is the breakdown according to ktvb.

An adult ages 25 to 69 will pay $349 for a pass, up from $329 last year. Juniors passes - for kids 7 to 12 - and teen passes - for ages 13 to 17 - will go up by $10 this year, to $89 and $189 respectively.

Prices for children six and under will remain set at $29, and young adult passes for the 18-24 crowd will be $229, the same as the previous season's passes.

So basically if the 18-24 crowd just scored! Congrats go get your season passes.

Bogus Basin Recreation Area spokeswoman Susan Saad told ktvb that the uptick in prices reflect recent upgrades on the mountain, including increased snowmaking, and the installation of the new high-speed Morning Star chairlift.

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